About Cowdog Strong

Kathy dabbled with metal stamping as a way to make ID tags for our dogs.   Australian Cattle Dogs are intelligent, tireless, hearty, willful and often quite stubborn.  Often referred to as “cowdogs”, Australian Cattle Dogs work hard and they play hard and that attracts like-minded humans to the breed.

cds-braceletIn 2014 several of our friends were battling cancer and they needed a reminder that they embody the traits that we are most attracted to in our beloved cowdogs.  After a bit of browsing on Pinterest, Kathy started playing around with washers and leather and the very first “Cowdog Strong” bracelet was created. 

Shortly after the production of the original few “Cowdog Strong” bracelets a puppy mill bust shocked the purebred ACD world.    Kathy started pounding out bracelets and sending them all over the world to solicit donations to send to the groups that were rescuing the dozens of Australian Cattle Dogs that were seized as part of that raid.

It wasn’t long before friends started asking if Kathy could make other customized jewelry items.  What started as dabbling in metal stamping has now turned into weekends at Ginger’s Market and at local craft shows. owl

Danny quickly tried to find a hobby that would complement Kathy’s jewelry and he soon found a passion for repurposed object metal art.   Danny refers to himself as the “heavy metal division” of Cowdog Strong!

We love interacting with folks and trying to help them come up with the perfect gifts or pieces for themselves.  We remain true to our roots and proceeds from every sale go to help Australian Cattle Dogs in need around the country.



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